Price Theory

The Brickell Price Theory is developed through advanced mathematical modeling techniques based on monitoring trends and counting waves using a system of 73 rules.

The Brickell Velocity Indicator

In physics, momentum is the product of mass times velocity. Momentum indicators may be good, but they also generate false signals because they incorporate the variable of mass, so the term “momentum” mislabels the analysis of velocity. In physics, velocity is defined as the change in space divided by the change in time. Velocity is speed inclusive of direction. If the true objective is to time a market crash, speed in a southerly direction is the only variable that matters. The best predictor of speed is speed. View PDF here.

Credit Deflation Theory

A simultaneous decline in equities, bonds, and commodities and a rally in the USD and JPY.

Time Model

The Brickell Time Model is a pattern recognition algorithm based on multivariate analysis. The model spans across multiple dimensions while taking into account the effects of all variables. The Brickell Time Model generates a turn date, a turn window, and a degree.