Isaac Gilinski – Biography

Isaac Gilinski is the Founder and Head of Research for Brickell Analytics LLC, a global-macro research service based on contrarian analysis. Founded in 2011, Brickell Analytics implements two approaches to forecasting markets. Firstly, the service is comprised of technical commentary that uses the handwriting technique on charts to generate price targets on all markets (equities, bonds, commodities, and foreign exchange). The proprietary tools used to forecast are a combination of Elliott waves, sentiment, and Fibonacci retracements and extensions (see theories & indicators); then, specific price targets are generated. The second approach is quantitative in nature. Brickell forecasts the daily direction of the S&P 500 and oil by generating daily signals produced by two models with a 10-year track record. Brickell Analytics’ research is used by hedge fund managers, investors, family offices, mutual funds, registered reps, and registered investment advisers.

Brickell Analytics’ trade ideas are executed in a fund or in SMAs at Broadmark Asset Management LLC, a top-down macro manager that rejects traditional buy and hold investing. Since 1999, Broadmark has tactically adjusted equity market exposure avoiding all major drawdowns.

Key Accomplishments

Among other notable accomplishments, in early 2013 Isaac and Brickell Analytics correctly detected the over-valued Aussie-U.S. Dollar exchange rate, and called for a 20% drop based on short-term sentiment analysis and long-term wave theory. Billionaire investor George Soros made the same forecast and sold short the Aussie by $1 billion. Between April and August of 2013, the AUD-USD dropped 16%, and between April 2013 and March 2020, the AUD-USD dropped 48%.

Professional Background

Isaac started his professional career in 2000 as one of the youngest investment professionals at Lehman Brothers. In 2001, he was promoted to develop the Latin American Sales arm for Global Capital Management, which was a new asset management group formed within Lehman.

In early 2002, Isaac founded the Brickell Family Office, a multi-family office run as a Fund-of-Hedge Funds. He successfully led the firm for 10 years, and then, shifted his focus in launching and leading Brickell Analytics. In addition, between 2012 and 2015, Isaac served as an independent macro researcher reporting to the CIO of a $30 billion family office and macro hedge fund.

In 2002, Isaac launched a time-release nutritional supplement business in collaboration and partnership with Osmopharm Switzerland. Isaac’s flagship invention was a green coffee extract formulation in timed-release pill form called GreenCoffex. In 2014, Isaac installed himself as Chief Scientist and Researcher, and evolved the company into a research organization that continues to focus on the effects of nutritional supplements in-vitro on pathogens.


After graduating in 1996 from the renowned Choate Rosemary Hall boarding school in Wallingford, Connecticut, Isaac attended Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. where in 2000 he graduated cum laude with a BSBA in Finance and International Business, and a minor in German. He then attended the University of Miami, where he graduated summa cum laude in 2004 with a MBA, specializing in Investments and Corporate Finance. Isaac continues to be a life-long learner and he is fluent in Spanish, German, and Italian.

Personal Background

Raised in Barranquilla, Colombia, Isaac proudly comes from a family of highly successful business leaders and entrepreneurs. As a child, Isaac was very close with his cousins as they all grew up together. Throughout his childhood in Colombia, the country was amid a major banking crisis. In 1993, at the age of 15, due to increasingly hazardous conditions in the country from kidnappings and guerilla groups and due to the privatization of Banco de Colombia, Isaac left Colombia to attend boarding school in the United States.

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